Co.404 Coliving & Coworking: Review

Coliving Co.404 in San Cristobal de las Casas in Mexico is one of our favorite places to stay. Definitely the best coliving space in Latin America! But would you love it as much as we did? How are the WiFi, the vibe, the surroundings, and the facilities? Keep reading and find out for yourself!

Where is Coliving Space Co.404?

There are actually two locations of Co.404 coliving in Mexico, but the one we visited is in San Cristobal de las Casas, in the southernmost state of Mexico. We wanted to visit this town so much, but it was pretty tricky with the internet connection and since we work remotely, it was a big issue. We almost gave up, when I accidentally found this brand new coliving space. (Well, brand new in 2021).

By that time, they were only open for about two months. There were almost no reviews, no webpage, only an Instagram profile with some pictures… It seemed so good. Almost too good to be true. We hesitated a little but decided to give it a try, which was one of our best decisions.

If you don’t feel like reading, check out our YouTube video review of Co.404 Coliving. Just be prepared to watch a couple of hungover weirdos. 

What is Co. 404 Coliving like?

Let’s take a look at why we (and so many more travelers) fell in love with Co.404. I’m about to tell you about everything from the rooms to the quality of coworking space and wifi or the vibe and events in this coliving space.

Side note: Somehow we lost most of our photos from Co.404, so those you can see here are mostly from our videos or borrowed from Co.404 official webpage.

The Rooms in Co.404

There are five types of rooms in Co.404 + a private house nearby. Everybody can choose according to their liking and budget! You can book the room at the official webpage Co.404.

Wide Private Room

The big room is where we stayed. There are two of these in the main building. You have a lot of space for yourself, a beautiful bathroom, enough space for clothes, a desk and a wide bed. Pretty much anything you might need for a very comfortable stay.

Small Private Room

There are more of these smaller and cheaper rooms. They are still beautiful, with a private bathroom, and offer enough space for everything. At least some of the rooms didn’t have door to the bathroom. If it’s something that would bother you, maybe check before booking. 😀 

Sierra Duplex

This is the biggest room in Co.404 coliving. It’s actually a duplex with a matrimonial bed downstairs and two individual beds upstairs. So if you really need a lot of space, if you travel with a bigger group or family, this is the room to go for.

4 Bed Mixed Dorm

If your budget is lower or you just prefer to stay in a shared room, this dorm is for you. The dorm has solid beds with a great mattress and a curtain for privacy. There is also an ensuite bathroom which only the four people living in the dorm share.  

Casa Agave

This is actually new, so I can only say what I’ve read online. It’s a private house about 1 minute’s walk from Co.404. You have absolute privacy, yet you can use the common areas, join the community, etc. This sounds like a perfect option for families!

The Coworking Space

Honestly, the coworking area is the real highlight of this coliving space. It just couldn’t be more pretty! We were real workaholics while we were in San Cristobal, only because we wanted to spend extra time here! What’s so great about it?

  • The huge windows let in so much daylight
  • The scent of wood is super cozy and calming 
  • The WiFi is strong and fast – meetings are smooth
  • They have two internet providers so the connection is also reliable
  • The sound of nature from the garden will zen you out
  • There is a number of type of seats to choose from
  • There are three (sort of) private phone booths
  • There is free coffee all day long

The only thing we didn’t enjoy so much was the chairs, but I noticed they upgraded to real working chairs. Second is the phone booths – they were not really soundproof, which is okay if the person inside realizes it. 

The Kitchen

I loved to cook in this kitchen! We even made some meals together with more people and there was always enough room. The kitchen is also very well equipped with enough fridge space, a big stove, an oven, blender, etc., and lots of pots, pans, and plates. A big plus is a water barrel, which is always full. 

The Common Space

There are a couple of hang-out areas in Co.404. The dining area in the kitchen, the huge living room with a TV with Netflix and Playstation, multiple nooks in the garden, and the garden terrace. My favorite is the garden terrace, simply for the sunset view. 

Garden co.404

Events & Activities

I don’t know if it was just our crowd or if it’s always like that, but there is always something to do! The volunteers hold some activities every week like yoga or sunrise hike, the managers plan tours, there are common dinners and everybody is keen to go for a drink, dinner, salsa night, or a trip. You can plan a trip from San Cristobal with one of our guides and take your colivers with you! I’m sure someone will join!

The Location

Well, enough superlatives. Nah, just kidding. Even the area is great! It’s like 15 minutes walk from the center of San Cristobal, so everything is close enough, but you’re not in the most touristy area. There are also colectivos running in front of the house, so you can grab one to go from the town or to a supermarket. 

There are Walmart and Chedraui in San Cristobal, some smaller stores, but also a huge market. Go there, buy tons of fruits and veggies, while spending almost no money and sharing it with other colivers. You can’t really buy just one mango, everything is sold in piles. But it’s really cheap and tastes amazing, so no worries. 

The Community at Co.404

The people staying in the Co.404 coliving are the main reason everybody loves it. Somehow, this place attracts a specific sort of people. Usually, everybody is open-minded, kind, friendly, and ready to chat. It’s made for digital nomads, so most people work and have fun after work.

Also, the average length of stay is one month. The minimum is one week. That way, you’ll have enough time to get to know the people you live with and actually make connections. 

Morning hike to cerro de Don Lauro San Cristobal

Co.404 Coliving pros

Let’s sum it up. What are the pros and cons of Co.404 Coliving? We’ll start with the pros.

  • Beautiful coworking office with enough space, lots of natural light, and different kinds of seats
  • Great internet connection and TWO providers, so there is always a backup
  • Great water pressure in the shower – actually great bathrooms in general
  • Coffee all day long (btw. Did you know you can buy us a coffee for all the work we do on this blog)
  • Amazing community and tons of common activities – organized and not organized
  • Great location – not in the touristy area but not too far from the city center or the supermarkets

Co.404 Coliving cons

Now it’s time for the cons of this coliving hostel in San Cristobal. That is a tricky one!

  • It’s pet friendly
  • It’s not so much for party people
  • It’s really hard to leave this place!

These don’t really sound like cons, right? Well, we had a hard time finding anything bad about Co.404 and these are the closest to it. Well, for some people, I guess.

It’s a pet-friendly place, so you should expect pets to be around. While we stayed, there was a dog family of the manager Santiago, a cat of one of the volunteers, and a dog of one coliver. We loved it, but I can imagine that if you don’t like pets some much or if you have allergies, it might be an issue. On the other hand, the owners really try to make everybody happy, so I think they would try their best to help you to avoid the pets.

Also, Co.404 might not be the best fit if you like to party 7 days a week. Don’t get me wrong, we went for drinks together or did barbecue parties inside, we had a lot of fun. But the place is mostly for digital nomads, who work 5 days a week and can’t party every day until sunrise.

And last but not least… If this place seems like your fit, it might be really hard to leave afterward. It was for us and when we came back for a weekend a couple of weeks later, it was just like coming back home.

co.404 coliving

Co.404 in Oaxaca

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, there is a second location of Co.404 now. This one is in Oaxaca and it looks as nice as the first one. When we visited Oaxaca, we stayed at the Selina hostel and as you can see from our review, we wouldn’t really recommend that. Also, the price skyrocketed since 2021. Even though we haven’t been to Co.404 in Oaxaca yet, we’d definitely give it a go if you plan to visit the city!

If you need to know anything else, let us know in the comments or via Instagram. Or just write to Co.404 owners directly, since they are always ready to help! 

Enjoy your stay in San Cristobal and don’t forget to check all of our articles from San Cristobal like:

Love, Lea

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